Bicocat's Valentino

red tabby mc.

@ 9 Month


@ 13 Weeks

@ 5 Weeks

@ 3 Weeks

Jug. Ch. Sujari's Easy to Love of Bicocats
brown tabby cl.

Int. Ch. Hightime-Catīs Leon of Sujari
CFA Ch. Hightime-Catīs Ragazzo
red tabby
PKD DNA neg.
Hightime-Catīs Black Owl
Hightime-Catīs Dabambi

Ladyfair Secretlove of Hightime-Cat

Korsvikīs Hit and Run
PKD DNA neg.
Ladyfairīs Black Caramel PKD DNA neg.
Ch.Grashoppers Rike of Sujari
silver patched mc tabby

Candirand`s Bandit of Enigma
black white

PKD DNA neg.

CFA GC, RW Candirand`s Blast from the Past
Chubbies Skittles of Candirand
CFA Ch. Gemmingstal`s Mirja of Grashoppers
silver patched mc tabby
PKD DNA neg.
CFA Ch. Gemmingstal`s Trouble
CFA GC. Gemmingstal`s Copyright

Premiumcats Lotus in Red of Bicocats


CFA Ch. D Eden Lover Bagdad Cafe of Premiumcats

Red- tabby
PKD DNA neg.

CFA GC D Eden Lover V' Night owl of Kuorii

Brown-Mackerel Tabby

Candirand´s Charlie Brown

Kuorii Moonlight Kiss

D Eden Lover Bella


CFA GC D Eden Lover Twinkel Star
Kuorii Mia of D Eden Lover, DM

CFA CH Premiumcats Bugatti

CE White

Lark Hill Nova

C.E White
PKD DNA neg.

CFA GC,RW Real World Moshi Moshi
CFA CH Lark Hill Cover Girl of CK-4

Kozy Colorful

PKD DNA neg.

Byhishands Crank It Up
CFA CH Cinemax Whoopi